TINTARK Brand Ambassador Program


Are you an aspiring makeup artist? 

Or a social-media enthusiast who LIVES on social media platforms?

If YES, then this opportunity is for YOU!


Why TINTARK started this program

We firmly believe that it is the basic right of all people to become more beautiful, and "beauty" should no longer be out of reach because of "price". Promoting beauty is for everyone, not just a few models and celebrities.

We want to cut the corresponding marketing costs to achieve beauty equality, which is one of the many reasons why we don't indulge in expensive marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements.

We believe that close communication with users and continuous improvement is what we should do, and the biggest brand endorsement comes from satisfied customers.

That's why we launched the Brand Ambassador programs. Through these programs, you will become our celebrity and star.


What does the TINTARK Brand Ambassador (TBA) program mean

The TINTARK Brand Ambassador (TBA) program are exclusive membership to the utmost elite supporters who are influencers in their community and are passionately engaged in promoting a stylish & fashion forward lifestyle.

As a TBA Brand Ambassador (TBA), you will have the opportunity to experience our new products, including the latest technology and future trending products in the beauty industry, suggest improvements, and provide us with your Use photos and videos of our products and promote them through your community and social media platforms.

As ambassadors, it's also important to understand every aspect of our products - from sharing specific product details, or simply sharing the fact that we are a premium cosmetic brand.


Know more about TINTARK Brand:

Tintark is a brand founded by original designers.

Safe, Clean and Healthy: Talc free, Cruelty-free, 100% vegan.

We care about environmental protection. We always choose less plastic, renewable materials and biodegradable materials.

We use more green and clean energy and seek lower carbon emissions in transportation, manufacturing, etc.

We donate to help young women to drive local community change, to build equal and respectful workplaces, and to help women recognize their own strengths.



TBA is the highest honor of our TINTARK family, only outstanding participants can earn our brand ambassador certification, and we will provide ambassadors with many benefits.

We will be giving away free gift packs and VIP cards to brand ambassadors. As our ambassador, you get free access to our full range of products (non-trial samples), so you don't need to spend money on similar makeup.

We offer brand ambassadors a 25% lifetime discount code. People recommended by the ambassador can enjoy an unlimited 10% discount on the TINTARK official website (15% discount on the first order or other discounts can be used in combination).

Our products are very attractive to girls. Ambassadors can post products and promotions on their own platforms to increase their fans and followers. We will provide the necessary tools and skills to participate in offline events, promotions, fan discounts and free gifts, as well as your honor and official certification as our ambassador.

It's all about helping you grow into an influential fashion leader.


Easily to become a TINTARK Brand Ambassador

1. Qty of followers.

30,000+ in the whole network, including Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.

2. Update TINTARK related content every week.

4 videos + 4 pictures per week.

3. Worked with us to produce content, the quality is recognized by us.

More than 1 time.

Experience, writing, photography and social media skills are important,but we focus more on creative inspiration and deep engagement!


What kind of pictures/videos does TINTARK need (including but not limited to)

1. Product experience and REVIEWS

Focus on the real use experience of the product, highlight the texture and effect of the product.

2. Makeup Tutorial

Introducing how to create the perfect or different look with TINTARK products.

3. Product recommendation

Recommend TINTARK products to your followers and share the advantages of TINTARK products.

4. Fan photos

We will feature fan photos on our social media channels. Please mention @tintarkcosmetics in your posts and store.


Processes of the TINTARK ambassador program

Step 1: Contact us.

Provide your information and we will review your basic information.

Step 2: Create videos and photos.

We will send you free samples. Once you received the samples, you can start creating.

Step 3: Content audit.

We will evaluate the content you created. Quality content is the most critical factor in becoming a TINTARK Brand Ambassador. We will help you to improve if quality issues.

Step 4: Become a TBA.

Get TBA honors, Gift box, VIP cards, and more.

If you want to earn commission by promoting TINTARK products, or become our distributor for high distribution profit, we will provide more support for TBA.


Cooperation Case

These beautiful girls have already cooperated with us:

Apply Now!

Send us below infos to service@tintark.com or whatsapp +8613631726256.

We will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

All your infos will be security protected carefully.


WhatsApp number:

Your email:

TikTok link or account name:

Instagram link or account name:

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hello! My name is Joana (@joanacloquell on ig) and I am contacting you because I would be interested in working with you as a collaboration, I have seen some friends who already work with you very happy with the products, they look fabulous and I would love to test and promote them. you can also check me out on tiktok with the same @. I hope for a response soon❤️

Joana Cloquell

hello! My name is Joana (@joanacloquell on ig) and I am contacting you because I would be interested in working with you as a collaboration, I have seen some friends who already work with you very happy with the products, they look fabulous and I would love to test and promote them. you can also check me out on tiktok with the same @. I hope for a response soon❤️

Joana Cloquell

Good morning, I wanted to know if you are interested in a collaboration to sponsor your product, I have a YouTube channel with 23.500 subscribers and an Instagram profile with 20.800 subscribers, here are the links:



Instagram @ Federicasweet02

Tik Tok @federicasweet024

I hope for your feedback

Federica Bacchiocchi

Federica Bacchiocchi

Good morning I love your products and I would like to collaborate with you I already have many collaborations on instagram and tiktok.
I look forward to a positive response. Best regards
Destefanis Claudia

Claudia Destefanis

HELLO, i’m arianna and i’m 26.

i’m a fashion and beauty creator from italy and i love sharing my passions here on social media.

i’m loving your brand lately and would love to be part of your PR list ❤️
My Instagram Is : https://www.instagram.com/ariannacafaro/
Tik Tok : https://www.tiktok.com/@ariannacafaro2?t=8Yk3SM8Tseb&r=1


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