Our Story

Tintark was founded in 2009 in Asia's Fashion and Beauty Capital, Hong Kong. Like our name, we are inspired by the vision of Noah's Ark and aspired by our passion for all things cosmetics. Since our conception, Tintark dedicated ourselves to being a multi-faceted vessel that encapsulates the wonder of all cosmetics. "Tintark" translates into "Listen to Her" in Mandarin, which means that we are good at listening to her expectations of beauty.

At Tintark, we live and breathe the creation of cosmetics. By injecting top-quality ingredients with stunning designs, we thrive to deliver a plethora of fashionable, trendy, wallet-friendly and extremely well-made cosmetics to our consumers. We believe we can achieve this by leveraging our years of industry expertise as a manufacturer for A-list brands.
Our motto is' Why live in a monochromatic world when you can indulge your senses and enhance your natural beauty with all the colors across the spectrum!'
We have 4 core brand values:
1.Safe, Clean and Healthy: Talc free, cruelty-free, vegan, no mineral oil, all US & EURO approved raw materials.
2.We care about environmental protection. We always choose less plastic, renewable materials and biodegradable materials.
3.Our factories use more green and clean energy and seek lower carbon emissions in transportation, manufacturing, etc.
4.For every product you purchase, we donate to help young women to drive local community change, to build equal and respectful workplaces, and to help women recognize their own strengths.