Tintark Promise

We have 4 core brand values:

1. Vegan and cruelty-free. Not only do we use ZERO animal ingredients, and we perform ZERO animal testing with our products. We firmly believe your beauty shouldn't come at the cost of our animal friends.

2. High-quality ingredients that are 100% safe. Talc-free and asbestos-free. We strictly prohibit the use of risky substances (such as talc). Despite the high cost, we still insist on using high-standard cosmetic grade colorants (all from well-known suppliers in the cosmetics industry). We believe that health and safety are the most important things.

3. We deliver competitive pricing by being a manufacturer direct brand without the middle man. This allows us to reinvest our margin back into using only top-spec ingredients.

4. Design centric and trendsetting. Our cosmetics are designed in London by our designer.